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Dear Valued Customer

We at STYX, a small family-run business in AustriaEurope, have been producing natural
face/body/hair care products and pure essential oils and carrier oils since 1965. 
Producing high-quality natural products requires skill and experience; but to us, there is even
more to it… to us it is an art form, as our products must also reflect our philosophy and the
passion about what we do.
The raw materials we use are either organic or from sustainable wild growth. We use only
cold-pressed virgin plant oils
 (carrier/base oils) and our essential oils are 100% pure and
either steam-distilled or cold-pressed.
We converted the entire production facility to using 100% green electricity, we conform to
a climatically neutral production process, we manufacture in accordance with GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practice) and production is taking place in a germ-free clean-room
environment. We totally reject any form of child labor and animal testing; and even the
water which we use comes in its purest form… straight from the Austrian Alps!

Today, with all these systems and guidelines in place, we produce several hundred face/
body/hair care products and essential oilsTo highlight just a few… our Rosengarten
Intensive Series, based on the precious extracts from the Bulgarian Damask Rose,
and our 100% pure, natural essential oils are, I am proud to say, without equal in
terms of quality and effectiveness.

I wish you much joy and success with your STYX products!

Wolfgang Stix,
4th Generation Owner

PAEOS™ (Premium Aromatic & Essential Oils)

With several decades of collective experience under our belts, PAEOS™ provides a range
of the most important aromatherapy oils (e.g., Immortelle, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage,
Rosehip, Jojoba etc.), and pure essential oil reed diffusers (no fragrances, no alcohol).

We also offer custom-made solutions for individual customers, e.g., massage oils, hair-care formulations, Baby oils etc.

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WhatsApp Us
Welcome to STYX & PAEOS! Please WhatsApp us at +65 8790 1891 to place your orders.