PAEOS™ Jojoba Carrier Oil


The Jojoba bush thrives in the desert at daytime temperatures as high as 122°F. A waxy coating seals the entire plant, thus not allowing whatever small amounts of liquids it has stored to evaporate, and this coating also helps to survive the extreme colds at night. Jojoba oil, harvested from the beans, is therefore not really an oil, but rather a liquid wax.

It is effective only when it is not mixed with synthetic substances such as preservatives. Some commercial products use fermented Jojoba flour (which is cheaper) or Jojoba tincture, but both these forms lose virtually all their natural effectiveness. One should therefore only use pure Jojoba oil.

High-quality Jojoba oil does not become rancid and is a wonderful way to treat skin and hair. It contains proteins, minerals, and a high amount of Vitamin E; the waxy substance mimics collagen, and the oil is highly penetrative.

Use Jojoba oil for all facial and body oils, masks, packs, as well as the oily portion of creams and lotions. Jojoba oil by itself is effective against dry, flaky, inflamed skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and stretch marks.

In hair care, Jojoba oil is known as an effective ingredient in shampoos, in hair treatments (hot oil) and packs, in the treatment of damaged, brittle hair, hair loss, and split ends.

Combine PAEOS pure, virgin cold-pressed Jojoba Carrier Oil with STYX or PAEOS essential oils to create a tailor-made remedy for a specific skin condition.