STYX Almond​​​ Carrier Oil


Our almond oil is cold-pressed from the kernel of the nut. It is the classic base oil for massage. It is a fine, light and mild oil, which is easily absorbed and gently nurtures the skin. It contains olein, linoleic acid, glucosides, minerals, vitamin D and it is also rich in proteins.

It is of great importance in baby and child-care products especially since it is suitable for all skin types and particularly for sensitive skin.

Almond oil is emollient, nourishing, revitalizing, it has a soothing, irritation-relieving and smoothing effect on wrinkles or when suffering from dryness, inflammation, itching or soreness.

It can be used undiluted; however, pure almond oil can only be stored for a few months once opened, which is why it is a good idea to mix it with Jojoba oil.