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Treating Varicose Veins With Essential Oils - Do They Work?


Varicose veins are caused by a combination of poor blood circulation, weak connective tissues, and insufficient elasticity of the vein walls. They can be a real problem, not only aesthetically, but also because they can be very painful, and they can also cause severe fatigue.

Therefore, prevention is essential; That means one should exercise regularly and should eat healthy food. Eat as much raw garlic and parsley as you can, but garlic capsules are also fine if you can’t take the raw garlic. Sufficient vitamin E and vitamin C intake is important too.

Compression stockings are of help as well. Furthermore, try to elevate your feet whenever you have an opportunity to do so, ideally at least to head level.

Essential oils can be of great help as well, preventatively, but especially so if you already do have varicose veins. They can be used in a foot bath, or in a massage oil. But caution, never massage the inflamed veins directly, only massage around them! And always massage in the direction of the heart.

The essential oils most useful for this condition are peppermint, cypress, rosemary, lemon, geranium, juniper, lavender, and chamomile blue. Use a base/carrier oil to make a blend with any of the above essential oils (or a mix of them) according to your preference. An example would be: add 30 drops of rosemary, 30 drops of cypress or juniper, 10 drops of lemon, and 10 drops of geranium to 100 ml almond oil or jojoba oil.

For the foot bath (which can be very helpful also for tired and swollen feet), it would be ideal to use two bowls. One with hot water; and one with cold water, into which you put some ice as well. Then add, for example, a few drops of lavender oil to the cold water, put both your feet in and leave them in for a few minutes. After that, add a few drops of geranium to the hot water, put your feet in and leave them in for a few minutes. Once finished, towel off and elevate your feet for at least half an hour.

Following these guidelines consistently over a longer period should yield results. But, as with all aromatherapy applications, it is very important that you only use absolutely pure essential oils and carrier oils… go with oils from STYX and PAEOS!


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