PAEOS™ Frankincense Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Boswellia Carterii
Aroma: Sweet, woody, balmy, spicy
Extraction: Solvent extraction with alcohol followed by steam distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves and twigs
Country of Origin: Somalia
Main Constituents: Pinene 39% Limonene 12%

How to use

Mixed with a base oil for skin applications/massage; with steam & dry inhalation; in hot or cold compresses; in shower gels & shampoos; in a diffuser.


Asthma and bad coughs (when used in a massage oil), as well as menstrual bleeding.

In skin care, it’s astringent, cell-regenerating and stimulating, particularly suitable for dry, ageing skin, reduces inflammation, helps to smooth wrinkles; returns the natural tension to ageing skin and delays the forming of wrinkles.

Works as an inhalant (one of the best lung-antiseptics) for bronchitis, asthma; creates a feeling of inner peace (meditation).

Important: Please read our Usage & Safety Guidelines before using any oil.