PAEOS 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil (100ml)

PAEOS™ Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus
Aroma: Fresh, spicy, camphoric
Extraction: Steam distilled
Part of Plant: Leaves and twigs
Country of Origin: Spain
Main Constituents: 70-85% Cineol, 12% Pinene

How to use

Mixed with a base oil for skin applications/massage; with steam & dry inhalation; in hot or cold compresses; in shower gels & shampoos; in a diffuser.


Migraine, rheumatism, neuralgia, slow-healing wounds, muscle pain (use in a massage oil); small burns (dab the burns twice daily), cold sores (combine with melissa); impure skin (acne); in shampoos for dandruff; insect bites; for bronchial problems as an inhalant (especially effective in combination with niaouli, pine, hyssop, or thyme).

Colds and sore throats (clears the respiratory tracts, prevents the spreading of viruses), coughs and bronchitis; and acts as a great mosquito-repellent. Put three drops of eucalyptus oil onto your pillow (or near to it, on a piece of tissue).

Important: Please read our Usage & Safety Guidelines before using any oil.