PAEOS 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil (100ml)

PAEOS™ Peppermint Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Mentha piperita
Aroma: Fresh, herbaceous, slightly hot
Extraction: Steam distillation
Part of Plant: Leaves
Country of Origin: India
Main Constituents: 40-60% Menthol, 18% Menthone, 7% Cineole

How to use

Undiluted for certain complaints/ailments; mixed with a base oil for skin applications/massage; with steam & dry inhalation; in hot or cold compresses; in shower gels & shampoos; in a diffuser.


Instant relief from nausea, indigestion; analgesic (headaches, migraine); colds, muscular pains, rheumatism, stomach colic (massage oil), liver tonic; colds (inhale); insect repellent; air purifier, clear mind (concentration, studies), skin care (oily, irritated skin).

Best oil for drivers because of its dual function of increasing concentration and at the same time reducing aggression.

Important: Please read our Usage & Safety Guidelines before using any oil.