PAEOS™ Spearmint Essential Oil (Organic)


Botanical Name: Mentha spicata
Aroma: Spicy, sweet and minty
Extraction: Steam distillation
Part of Plant: Flowering tops
Country of Origin: India
Main Constituents: l-carvone 60%, l-limonene 19%

How to use

Undiluted for certain complaints/ailments; mixed with a base oil for skin applications/massage; with steam & dry inhalation; in hot or cold compresses; in shower gels & shampoos; in a diffuser.


Refreshing and energizing; relieves nausea and travel sickness, headaches, migraines; colds, bronchitis, sinusitis; digestive tonic, detox, gall and liver tonic, hair and scalp tonic; antiseptic, expectorant, febrifuge (reduces fever), analgesic, anti-inflammatory, strengthens body tissues, emmenagogic (encourages menstruation); acne, inflamed skin; oily, impure skin; dandruff, hair loss.

Note: Best to be used in high dilution only and best to avoid application on the body if pregnant, suffering from hay fever, undergoing homeopathic treatment and with small children.

Important: Please read our Usage & Safety Guidelines before using any oil.