PAEOS™ Immortelle Essential Oil (Organic)


Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum, also known as Everlast or Immortelle
Aroma: Sweet, spicy and herbaceous
Extraction: Steam distillation
Part of Plant: Fresh flowers
Country of Origin: Croatia
Main Constituents: A-pinene, G-cucumene, B-selinene

How to use

Undiluted for certain complaints/ailments; mixed with a base oil for skin applications/massage; with steam & dry inhalation; in hot or cold compresses; in shower gels & shampoos; in a diffuser.


Invaluable aromatherapy oil, tissue tightening, rough, flaky, impure skin, eczema, sunburn, relief from injury as it strengthens the cells and helps build new tissue; Helichrysum oil has superior anti-hematoma and skin-regenerating activity (resolve old scar tissue); it regulates cholesterol and stimulates liver cells; bronchitis, sinusitis, mucolytic; effective free-radical scavenger, protecting newly formed cells; very useful for the immune and respiratory systems in colds, flu and chest infections, anti-inflammatory (even stronger than chamomile blue), antiviral, astringent.

Important: Please read our Usage & Safety Guidelines before using any oil.